Thursday, March 09, 2006

O Canada! O shit!

We gratuitously rip into the country of Canada because they're all just slow Canucks. Vancouver is a beautiful city (as is Montreal apparently...or is it Toronto?...well, one of the two), but the Country prides itself on hockey (in terms of sports) and it's really just kind of a big, cold open space. And people are just slow and fucking say "eh" as if "E" and "H" were the only two letters in the alphabet.

But now those Canadians have something to be proud of: Team Canada beat the U.S 8-6 in World Baseball Classic action yesterday. "Oohhhh yeeeaaahh," Canucks must be thinking at a word-an-hour rate. This is somewhat shocking seeing how the American players make only about $65 million more a year than the Canucks.

Team Canada does have some notable MLB players like Twins' first baseman Justin Morneau and Pirates' outfielder Jason Bay, but the Team We're Gonna Blow It has some notable MLB players like A-Rod, Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter, Derrek Lee and this guy who calls himself The Rocket (which seems a bit arrogant if you ask us).

So yeah, upset city. At 1-1 the U.S. is in trouble and Canada, at 2-0, is sitting pretty. Go Canada! Go Northwest Territory. Go Canucks.

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