Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring Break! (Well, when are we gonna get excited?)

Yeah, so Spring Break. Cool. We'll finally get some time off from school, work and the rain (well, maybe not the rain) and try to kick back with some margaritas, baseball, and $8 hookers.

We're off to the great city of Phoenix to catch some meaningless baseball games that mean the world to us. What could be better?

We're heading out early Thursday and will be in the Valley of the Sun (perhaps the title of the next Indiana Jones movie?) through Monday.

The computer is staying in Seattle so that means the chances of us updating our little site are about as good as actually kissing that cheap call girl. (Word has it that they don't like to kiss. Who knew?).

Our friends have alternate Spring Break plans that will put them in situations like this. But something about drinking 'til 5 a.m. and waking up next to some girl who looked way hotter when you weren't sober isn't exactly our idea of a good time. Besides, the talent in Arizona is spectacular, and we even know a few girls from the area.

Hang in there without us. We know we're a big part of your life and things may not be so smooth while we're away, but sit tight. Oh, and watch some basketball. Apparently there's this tournament that will be going on.

Check back in with us in the rare chance that we'll get lonely and feel the need to post during our little trip. If not, we'll be back with you Tuesday with a full update and details about our elusive kiss with the $8 ho.


Dinur said...

I will be in Seattle from next Weds (3/22) through 4/2 if you guys want to hang out at all.

Enjoy spring training!

NFL Adam said...

Dude! We're off to Vegas. We were going to ask you to fill in at the Hater Nation. Maybe now we'll have to get Pete Gillen, or maybe Conrad Bain is around. (But he's probably at some tournament games.)

Have fun in Az. Check out the Crow's Nest when you get there. That is where all of the Hooters girls hang out when they are done with their shift.

Jeff said...

Have fun man... I'm jealous... Taking a break from Vacations this Spring Break (the one break you always wish you didn't take)

Hey, if y'all are interested go to and check out my breakdown of the NCAA brackets.