Friday, January 06, 2006

Hating Fox Sports, Part 2: Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, former Steelers' QB and now one of Fox's NFL analysts, is much like an attic. The light rarely works and everything is covered in dust. The same can be said for Mr. Bradshaw's brain.

Bradshaw brings the word "stupid" to a much lower level than normal. On game days, he sits in the studio with some guys, like James Brown and Howie Long, who are actually literate and somewhat articulate. Terry isn't either. He's loud and obnoxious, which for him, is probably a compliment.

Bradshaw is a good example of Fox putting anybody who played professional sports on TV. (Much like Fox's baseball analyst, Tim McCarver). One can speculate that Bradshaw took too many big hits (on the field and off the bong) to be able to form complete sentences now.

Living on the West Coast, I'm fortunate to wake up late enough so that I only have to put up with Bradshaw's antics during halftime, when he tells me how shitty my fantasy players are doing.

Not only is it clear to everybody who watches him that his IQ is equivalent to a chalk board, but he even admits his lack of intelligence.

“I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid," he famously said.

Hate to break it to ya buddy, but you're both.

In other news: Manny Ramirez says he's staying in Boston and has made arrangements to star in the movie, "Identity 2: I still can't find it."


NFL Adam said...

But you have to admit, the guy was dope in Cannonball Run.

-dragon said...

Fox Rocks
Bradshaw is entertaining. Sports is entertainment for the audience. Get it.

Anonymous said...

Bradshaw is entertaining! Bet all you folks from Arkensaw and Tennessea feel that way.

Anonymous said...

super bowl night...and this guy just dropped the f bomb on live tv

Anonymous said...

terry ffffff bomb

Anonymous said...

Big deal...oh my! so he said a really bad word-I've heard worse!

Anonymous said...

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