Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Barry is on more than just steroids

By now we're sure you've heard about Barry Bonds -- yes, the same guy who has hit 708 home runs, won 7 MVPs and is the only member of the 500/500 club -- dressed up in drag yesterday as part of a fundraiser called "Giants Idol."

As big Giants' fans ourselves, we find this:

1. Disturbing,
2. Disturbing, and
3. kind of cool. Kinda.

Of course this is beyond bizarre. Bonds is known for being cold to the media and to fans, and he's certainly not the best clubhouse guy there is. So to do something like this, which brings out his "other side" (whatever the fuck that may be), at least shows camaraderie.

Looking at the picture, well, it's terrifying. But take a look at his! Barry could probably kill a man with his bare hands. The size of Barry definitely leads us to believe he's still 'roided up, but based on him doing this stunt, he's likely on some much harder shit than just the juice.

In other news:
Dick Bennett is retiring as the coach of the Washington State basketball team and will be replaced by this heart left in San Francisco.

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