Saturday, March 11, 2006

Because even athletes fail

Deadspin had a post yesterday about how the NFL Network will pursue Ryan Leaf to be an analyst during next month's draft. While we find nothing about Ryan Leaf remotely humorous, the post prompted us (and Deadspin commenters) to think of ways to bring back old athletes (or in our case, current athletes too) to provide commentary at the site of their biggest failures/embarrassments.

Here's what we got:

-Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams can be a special guest in the Phillies' broadcast booth the next time Philly plays Toronto in the World Series.

-Darius Washington Jr., a sophomore guard at Memphis, can comment on making timely free throws at next year's Conference-USA tournament.

-Young Alex Smith on the football field.

-Allen Iverson at practice.

-Matt Millen, well, doing anything anywhere.

-Jim Mora at a press conference nearing playoff time.

-Bode Miller on a mountain.

-Marcus "Lil' Mexico" Vick at McDonald's.

And from Deadspin commenters:

-Isiah Thomas at the GM meetings.

-John Rocker reporting on the transit strike for NY1.

-Vince Young at the National Spelling Bee.

Oh Vince. Just precious.

If you got any others, drop them off in the comments section.

In other news: The United States beat South Africa 17-0 in the World Baseball Classic after Montana hooked up with Rice for two second half touchdown passes.


insomniac said...

Jerry Rice then proceeded to perform an endzone dance that was given three "sevens" by the judges. He then begged his loyal fans (what few remained) to call and vote for him as the retired athlete most desperate for the spotlight...

Jeff said...

Barry Bonds in the Gym....

JMC said...

Chris Webber on calling timeouts...