Friday, March 24, 2006

Yeah, so Sweet 16: Day 2

This is what we have decided to do. Since there are two days of Sweet 16 action, and little else going on in the world of sports (minus a few NFL off-season moves), we're going to do a preview for today's games today, and tomorrow's games, well, tomorrow. Writer's block is creeping in, so we figure it best to spread out material when it's right there in front of us. Anyway, meaningful basketball. Cool.
Washington D.C. Region:

#1 Connecticut vs. #5 Washington:

Huskies vs. Huskies. How cute. So we really, really like UW. Not to win this game per se, just in general. If they win this game, we may attempt a cart wheel. But UConn is bigger than Dirk Diggler. Big man, Hilton Armstrong, and ugly big man, Josh Boone, are likely gonna squash UW inside, forcing the Dawgs into an endless amount of threes. If I'm Coach Romar, first I'd be a huge G and second, I'd be studying film from the first Villanova/UConn contest. ''Nova was much smaller than UConn, much like the Dawgs, but somehow beat them. Romar better figure out how the Wildcats did that if our Dawgs have a shot. We don't want to see the season come to an end, but getting this far was more than we could have asked for.

The Big Picture pick: UConn (unfortunately)

#7 Witchita State vs. #11 George Mason:

WSU's mascot is the Shocker. That's just awesome. If only the players performed shockers on George Mason would WSU win. We really don't know any players on either team, and we're ok with that. Really, we are. But the Patriots are at home in D.C. and they're hot as a Swedish swimsuit model.

The Big Picture pick: George Mason

Minneapolis Region:

#1 Villanova vs. #4 Boston College:

Here we go with big vs. small again. 'Nova plays four guards and BC has Jared Dudley and Craig Smith to bust your ass inside. We kinda like BC because coach Al Skinner is like an actor you'd see in an 80's Vietnam movie. Oh, and he can coach ok too. Villanova's tough to root against because they play a unique brand of baketball and hell, Allan Ray had his fucking eye poked out. And now he's aiming for the Final Four. We salute you, Mr. Ray's eyeball.

The Big Picture pick: BC

#3 Florida vs. #7 Georgetown:

Joakim Noah looks like someone who is preparing to drink that special Kool-Aid. He's just a fucking weirdo. But he's pretty good. So is Florida guard Taurean Green. We haven't seen too much of either of these teams all year, but we just have this feeling that if Florida doesn't win, Gators' coach Billy Donovan will make a few calls and get John Thompson III whacked.

The Big Picture pick: Florida

In other news: The Cowboys signed kicker Mike Vanderjagt to a multi-year contract with a clause that forbids Vanderjagt from acting like an idiot.

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