Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Big shock: Bonds took steroids

By now we're sure you've heard that SI is running an excerpt of a new book revealing that Barry Bonds has done steroids.

It's all over the news, websites and the radio. Thing is, does it really matter? Well, most people will say, "damn-straight it matters."

Deadspin has a headline that reads, "The end of Barry Bonds."

Now we saw this story first on Deadspin and read that headline and thought, "oh shit, Barry is pulling some RuPaul-crap again." But then we read further and smiles turned to frowns turned to tears turned to broken chairs.

Loyal readers of The Big Picture will know that we are anything but impartial, and root harder for the Giants than any other sports team (though the UW basketball team is surging at the two-spot). This is not good news mainly because who knows what Barry will do? Will he snap and say he's retiring? Will he strangle the new Woodward and Bernstein? Will he -- gasp -- do nothing?

But here's our take on this: It's no surprise that Bonds is juiced. We've known it for a while and so has anyone else who follows baseball. Regardless of the use, he's still the best hitter of our time. Steroids make you bigger and stronger (and apparently cause sexual dysfunction), but they don't help your mechanics. More impressive than his 73 home runs in 2001 is his .370 batting average the following year. Many guys in the Majors are (or were) on the juice, (remember Marvin Benard?), but none can hit as well as Bonds can and change the way opposing teams react to his presence in the lineup.

This new book is a big blow to Bonds' credibility, but, as fans, is this even news?

In non-drug-related baseball news: The U.S. beat Mexico 2-0 in the WBC behind a goal from Freddy Adu and Landon Donovan.

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