Saturday, March 25, 2006

Washington vs. Connecticut

Yeah, it feels something like that.

In other news: The Atlanta Falcons gave coach Jim Mora Jr. a three-year contract extension after Mora bet the Falcons' GM that LSU would beat Duke.


Benny said...

Zach that was a brutal game. I was hoping for the big upset. Washington led for most of it. First I can't believe they let Rashad Anderson get a pretty good look for that game tying 3 point shot. That was the game right there.

Then in overtime that little white boy with the fro had that great steal. He should have taken it to the hoop!! Maybe draw a foul.

That non-goaltending was horrible. I do not know how the annoucers did not see that. They probably just saw UCONN winning.

Plus how in the world did they let UCONN get to the free throw line so much? The number is shocking.

I had Washington +6 and I was so pissed I pushed that bet. It was a winner all game long.

Tough tough loss Zach. If you cried, I understand. Just hope you didn't cry before the game ended.

Benny said...

I meant to say I can't believe the refs didn't see the goaltending. The annoucers clearly saw it. They were screaming as well as we were.

Jeff said...

i feel for you man.. thats gotta hurt.. I was rootin for ya!

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insomniac said...

I'm honestly not trying to rub anything in, but I have to ask- how is it that nothing is being written about Mike Jensen? Sorry to make you relive it, but if he doesn't make that terrible foul, the Pac-10 is representing half of the Final Four. I'm just shocked that he's getting a pass, and everyone is focusing on the officiating instead.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

nice point about jensen, insomniac. at the time i was screaming at him for being within 10 fucking feet of him, but i didn't comment on it for 2 reasons:

1. i've been traveling and spitting game at this girl...that takes time.

2. i don't really want to blame any Dawg for the loss. it was one of the best games i've ever seen UW play and i just want to credit anderson for a great shot and leave it at that. it's a tough way to lose, but UW went out like champs...just 3 rounds too early.

and insomniac, congrats on LA. final four is exciting as shit. enjoy it!

twins15 said...

Tough loss... that shot by Anderson really had no business going in from that deep with a man in his face, but sometimes you just have to tip your cap to a guy.