Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Going around the horn (of Africa!)

Well, not really the horn of Africa. We've never actually been to Africa, and according to some friends of ours, we haven't even left the house in three days.

But here's what we've been reading while pondering which Around the Horn talking-head we'd feed to the polar bears first...

-The Hater Nation has been writing about NASCAR. Why? Don't ask.

-The Sports Pulse doesn't have much sympathy for the guy Kevin Garnett hit with the basketball. Nor do we.

-Deadspin is gearing up to preview March Madness and they want our help! How sweet.

-The all-powerful Mighty MJD is really against storming the court at college basketball games. Maybe he's worried the floor will get ruined.

-Over at the Insomniac's Lounge, we keep hearing all about hot maids and Cinemax flicks. Man, that must be the life.

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