Thursday, March 02, 2006

You have to play EVERY game

In a classic case of overlooking the opponent, Duke had their asses wiped by the Florida State Seminoles last night.

We prefer not to discuss specific games here at The Big Picture, but with ESPN telling us every 45 seconds that Duke is playing North Carolina Saturday, we knew that the Duke/FSU had "trap game" written all over it.

Of course the students rushed the court, but the dumb asses who go to Florida State -- a school where athletics come first, Jenn Sterger comes second (well, sometimes first apparently), and academics come in somewhere around third -- ran and celebrated before the fucking game was over. Apparently they don't even know that a basketball game is over when the clock reads 0.0, not 1.7. But hey, while teaching a math lesson to FSU fans, someone should chime in and let Coach Kdzv@#lpzw*o&zx$^%ski and the rest of the Dukies know that they have to play basketball when there is another team on the court, even if that team isn't UNC.

In other college basketball news: Texas A&M beat No. 7 Texas last night after Vince Young let the shot clock run out because he thought that the 0 was really a 6.

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JMC said...

UNC however did not overlook my Wahoos and handed them a 45 point loss. Ouch.