Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is not fun

Welcome back to the NBA, folks. That first round was a special treat -- perhaps good karma for taking your kids to go see RV.

But now we're back with one-sided basketball, blowouts and very little fun. Through eight total games, only one has been within 5 points (San Antonio vs. Dallas, Game 1) and the others have never really been close. In the first round, we were getting buzzer beaters, overtimes and nuts-grabbed.

Now it only feels like we're getting our balls grabbed. Speaking of which, getting our nuts tugged by Reggie Evans may be more fucking exciting than watching these second-round games. C'mon, where the hell is the intensity? Though looking at Chris Kaman is really pretty exhilarating. The dude has long hair, yet is balding. Our colleague thinks he looks like a cyclops. We think he looks kinda like this guy.

This second-round letdown reminds us a bit of the Final Four. It was a great tournament with a lackluster National Semis and Championship game. In the NBA, the first round was something special, while these games are anything but.

Norv Turner update: Early Thursday morning and Norv Turner is still employed by the San Francisco 49ers.


Pradamaster said...

Consider that we're talking about half as many games as before. For all the great early games, we had our fair share of blowouts (Clippers-Nuggets series, Pistons-Bucks, etc.). It's also still only the second round, so things could easily turn around.

NFL Adam said...

Chris Kaman's hair = Hulk Hogan.

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