Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Our new site

We were asked a while back by the fine folks at SportsBlogs Nation to start a UW Huskies blog for their network. After our agent told us to hold out, they reluctantly met our demand and we reached an agreement.

It took some time to create the site, but U-Dub Dish is up and running as of yesterday and we're pretty excited to try to build it up.

Does this mean that The Big Picture is going to end? Not a fucking chance.

We'll still be with you regularly, breaking down the day in sports with plenty of hooker jokes.

All that's changed is that we have another site that we'll be doing too. Our spare time is gonna go to hell, but we suppose that blogging is spare time. How 'bout that.

So stop by the new digs and drop off a comment. If UW sports aren't your thing, make them your thing. It'll be piles of fun...

Oh, and thanks for hanging out with us here at The Big Picture. We really appreciate it. No joke.


NFL Adam said...

A little upset that THN was #4 on your list of links.

insomniac said...

Congrats on the new site. Let's test your dedication-- a live blog of the UW/Texas softball matchup this weekend??

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