Sunday, May 14, 2006


Sad, sad news today. USC point guard Ryan Francis was shot and killed in Baton Rouge, LA early Saturday morning at the age of 19.

Francis was visiting his mother (presumably for Mother's Day) when he was shot in a friend's car.

We were able to see Francis in person when the USC basketball team came up to Seattle to take on the Dawgs. Seemed like he had a real upside.

Francis started at the point for the Trojans and averaged around 7 points a game. He will be missed by all. A good player and a good person.

Poor one out for Francis. If you've never bought a 40, now's the time to do so. Buy it, take a swig, and then dump the rest out in honor of Ryan.

We salute you! Rest in peace.

In other news: After Dallas knocked off San Antonio 104-103, Mavericks coach Avery Johnson was seen leaving the arena with none other than Eva Longoria.


Anonymous said...

That sucks. This kid was impressive.

Anonymous said...

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