Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You picked a fight with him?!

As a rule of thumb, picking a fight and starting guff (guff?) with an NFL defensive end is generally a bad idea.

In a rather unusual story coming out of Davie, Fla. Monday, the Miami Dolphins’ Jason Taylor was allegedly the victim of a hate crime sparked by road rage.

As the AP report explains, Taylor and his wife (who is Brady Quinn's Zach Thomas’ sister) were coming home from church Sunday night when a pickup truck was backing up in an intersection as their car approached. Taylor tried to pass but was cut off by the truck.

After the passenger of the truck started smacking Taylor’s car, the NFL stud got out and was confronted by Redmond Charles Burns (the driver), a smallish 24-year-old who is probably in the KKK and has the IQ of a walnut.

This little prick (5-11, 168lbs., 3 in.), not noticing that Taylor (6-6, 255, 3 feet) hits people very hard for a living, started making racial slurs and threatening to kill Taylor (whose dad is black). He even returned to his pickup to get an “unknown metal object” (if it was Col. Mustard with the wrench in the library, we wouldn’t be at all surprised) with which he attempted to stab Taylor.

It’s unclear as to how the altercation ended, but nobody was hurt, thankfully. Though we would have been very pleased to hear that Taylor sacked/beat the shit out of this Confederate flag-loving racist and then sacked his sister.

By the way, we have zero idea why Taylor has his shirt off in this picture. Does he model in the offseason?

-Adam Landres-Schnur

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