Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Denzel Washington has a kid?

Yeah, he does. We can’t believe it, either. And apparently he plays football.

The St. Louis Rams signed running back John David Washington to a free-agent contract yesterday. Denzel’s kid is out of Morehouse College where he may have studied drama and learned to act so well that he made Rams coach Scott Linehan believe he could run the ball.

Linehan says he was unaware of John’s famous father until after expressing interest in the player. But after discovering that actor Jim Caviezel is Linehan’s brother-in-law, we aren’t so sure — especially since Jesus and Rubin “Hurricane” Carter just finished shooting a movie together.

It seems that there will be plenty of drama in the Rams’ locker room this year. If John Washington could act like his father and Linehan could coach like Herman Boone, St. Louis might fool some teams into thinking that they can actually play some football.

In other news: The Los Angeles Clippers won its first playoff series Monday since the invention of time.

-Adam Landres-Schnur

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