Monday, May 01, 2006

Zebras hate the Sun(s)

Phoenix Suns' fans must be up in motherfucking arms right about now. Those who saw the Lakers escape with a 99-98 win Sunday also saw the Suns get raped by Kobe Bryant...err, that was some chick in Colorado. The refs blew this one for Phoenix.

The Suns twice got screwed on calls Sunday. The first blown call came when Steve Nash was apparently fouled with about 10 seconds left in regulation, but instead turned the ball over leading to a game-tying shot by Kobe.

Then in OT, again with the Suns in control of the game, Nash was trapped in the corner and

a.) called a timeout
b.) was fouled
c.) both a and b

If you answered d.) none of the fucking above, you would have been a referee. A jump ball was called, the Lakers got it, Kobe dribbled, raped a random fan and then hit the game-winner.

The Lakers are now up 3-1 and the Suns are really, really angry. Thanks to more heroics, Kobe has pinned the Suns against a wall with their skirt up.

The Suns should be angry. The refs should be disgusted.

In other NBA news: The Kings beat the Spurs 102-84 Sunday after Ron Artest beat up the Spurs' starting five during pre-game warmups.


insomniac said...

I'm a Kobe-hater, but I actually thought that was good defense on both plays. Also, Nash has noone to blame but himself on the 2nd turnover. You can't pick up your dribble right on the other side of midcourt into a double team and expect to get a foul call.

NFL Adam said...

Agree with insomniac. Nash should know better. He was looking to ice the game with a couple of free throws, but still. Get the ball out of there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you both, but still, a foul is a foul. I think it's bullshit how the nba refs its marquee players the benefit of the doubt while driving to the hole, etc. Nash was fouled not once, but twice. And how about James Jones getting fouled at the end of regulation?

NFL Adam said...

The NFL is no different. Just look at the Super Bowl.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

good points all around. adam and insomniac, you're dead on that nash, as the apparent mvp, needs to protect the ball like it's his first child. as a great pg, he probably should have been able to get out of those situations...but still, he looks like he got hacked good...and nice point anonymous with the jones fould too at the end of regulation.

schlik1 said...

It just pissed me off seeing Kobe pound his chest at the end of the game. I didn't watch the game, b/c the NBA sucks, and Kobe pounding his chest doesn't make it any better.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

and Schlik makes the best point of the day: "I didn't watch the game, b/c the NBA sucks." It sure does!

twins15 said...

The refs do suck, but I thought both of those calls were ok, especially the one in regulation. Something could have been called, but I don't think it was a completely bad call.

If anything, I think the Suns best case relates back to the play at the end of regulation where it looked like James Jones was bumped/held by Luke Walton. That was the most questionable, IMO.

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