Thursday, May 18, 2006

We are all witnesses... some very good postseason games. After recovering from a 16-hour game between Phoenix and The Clip on Tuesday, we were back at it with two thrillers last night.

The Cleveland LeBrons beat Detroit 86-84 and James threw down 32 points and probably did some other good things that help teams win important games. After the game, Bron Bron had this to say to the world:

"It's just basketball," James said. "They're not the Big, Bad Wolf. And we're not the Three Little Pigs."

While not pigs, LeBron, Rasheed Wallace (who is a big, bad liar) will say that you are cats.

Cleveland is going home with a chance to make Wallace look very silly. Tune in to Game 6, whenever that game may be.

And in Texas, where there are two teams who play basketball, the defending champion San Antonio Spurs stayed alive for another game after beating Mark Cuban 98-97.

Two more phenomenal games. More men with ugly hair. More playoff intensity.

Ahh, sports are fun.


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JMC said...

Badminton? wtf?

I was GOING to say...

There's actually 3 teams that play basketball in Texas, don't forget about the Houston YaoGradies.

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insomniac said...

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

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