Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome back to Norv (and the Norv Turner update)

This is a great day for us here at The Big Picture.

Loving to constantly rip on former Raiders' coach Norv Turner, we again will be able to rip and rip away.

Turner was hired yesterday to be the offensive coordinator of...wait for it...the Niners!

My hometown team. Winners of their last two games. The team with Young Alex Smith at the helm. Everything is looking super for the red and gold.

Turner, despite being a fucking terrible head coach, is thought to be a better offensive coordinator. His best years came in Dallas when he (or Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin) led the Cowboys' to two Super Bowl victories.

San Francisco had the worst offense in the league last year, which led to their offensive coordinator, Mike McCarthy landing a head coaching job in Green Bay. The Packers' rationale? Well, we're not too sure.

Norv Turner will be expected to succeed and to succeed fast with such talent already in place in San Francisco. Alex Smith, according to Vegas odds makers, is expected to throw a touchdown this season.

With Norv in place, perhaps Young Smith will throw two.

And to revert to old ways here...

Norv Turner update: 8:11 p.m. Tuesday night and Norv Turner is employed!


Corey said...

That's a great move for the Niners and should help Alex Smith tremendously

NFL Adam said...

Zach, I am stealing that picture and will probably not give you credit for it either. But that is the way the Nation rolls.

Anonymous said...

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