Saturday, May 27, 2006

Barrett gets 10 games, Pierzynski black eye

Chicago Cubs catcher Michael Barrett was finally suspended for pulling a Rocky Balboa on White Sox jackass A.J. Pierzynski.

Barrett got a 10-game suspension, though he'll appeal. Somehow we think that Barrett was prepared for a 20-game suspension. If he only got 10 for clocking A.J. Dickhead, he should have taken a bat to him. That would have given him an extra 10 games and probably a misdemeanor.

But still, A.J. deserves worse. He wasn't suspended, by the way. That seems wrong on about as many levels as hitting another man with a bat.

And here's the video for your Saturday viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

In other news: The Mavericks beat the Suns 105-98 after David Hasselhoff saved Dallas from drowning.

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