Friday, May 26, 2006

Catcher gets benched, manager cries

Nationals manager Frank Robinson, a notorious hard-ass, needs a tissue. After pulling his catcher in the middle of the inning, Robinson broke down in tears.

Robinson was forced to replace third-string catcher Matt LeCroy after the Astros stole seven bases off him. Robinson, according to the article, was upset because he felt bad for the kid. Though we suspect he was crying because he's worried about Barbaro.

Robinson took it harder than LeCroy, according to the article. Robinson cried like a girl, while LeCroy apparently threw like one. We are glad to report though that LeCroy didn't hang himself after his rough outing. Robinson, if he's still upset, may want to stay away from ropes today. Or perhaps he can write to his favorite horse.

In other news: Detroit beat Miami 92-88 after Rasheed Wallace said, "We're gonna kick their ass, but then they're gonna come back and make it close. But we're still gonna win."

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