Thursday, May 18, 2006

Exxon Valdez kills Sharks

We hate the Oilers, even though we're seals. Or otters.
We aren't sharks. But they don't like the Oilers either.
This water is cold. And oily. Like salad dressing. The bad kind. Maybe like Newman's Own.

This is an oil spill of a far different sort than that huge spill in '89. The Edmonton Oilers, the eighth seed in the Norris Division, just ran off four-straight wins to end the Sharks and this thing they called a season. They won 2-0.

This is greatly disappointing for Sharks fans everywhere. See, we jumped on the Sharks' bandwagon about 8 days ago when we realized they were in the second round of the playoffs and they were up 2-0 in this series. Now we're blogging from a gutter (that has killer Wi-Fi) with a bottle of whiskey by our side, staring at what could have been.

The Sharkies are no more...and may never be. Maybe that's what San Jose fans get for booing "Oh Canada."

In other news: The Detroit Tigers won their sixth straight game after traveling back in time to 1984.

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Dinur said...

This fuckin hurts. Having seen this team since day 1, including the 10 game losing streak (not to mention going to their practices), I honestly thought this team could and would win the Cup, but I guess we're either a solid (skating/hitting)-wise or a top defenseman away.

I was at game 5 w/my brother (the game the anthem was booed) and we were pretty shocked/embarassed by the whole thing (for what it's worth, me and other fans sang along to Oh Canada once we realized what was going on). The only "justification" I heard for booing was that Edmonton fans booed the US anthem b/c a picture of Joe Thornton was shown on their Jumbotron. Don't know if it's true, but it was classless.

It's past 2:15 am, and I'm still bitter, and hating Dwayne fucking Roloson and Raffi Torres.

Oh well, here's to next year and the Sharks winning it all!