Sunday, May 21, 2006

Interleague play is fun

(Check out McCovey Chronicles for more fun with posters).


JMC said...

ooh that's a good one

Sports-Aficionado said...

Hey Way To Look At The Target Didn't You Watch Million Dollar Baby, Barrett. Did Ya See The Pile He Was At The Bottom Of. I Bet There Was Some Ball Tugging Goin On In The MLB On Saturday Too.

Thanks For The Time Ladies And Gentlemen
When Is It Okay To Tug Another Man's Balls?

Mike said...

It was so great to see AJ get what was coming to him.

Also, even though I dislike the NBA... the scheduling game 7s is terrible. How do they push both Western games to Monday night... Worthless!

freemp3 said...

there is only one easy pizza mate
pizza the original not the fake big fat hairy greek version.