Thursday, May 04, 2006

Barkley: 'Gambling isn't my only problem'

Las Vegas -- One day after news surfaced that John Daly has lost millions gambling, Charles Barkley has some revelations of his own.

Barkley said Wednesday on ESPN that he has lost "probably $10 million" gambling, adding, "It is a problem for me."

But gambling is not his only problem.

"I don't like to talk about it much," Barkley told sources. "But it's erectile dysfunction. I've tried Cialis. I've tried Viagra. But it just don't work. My snake is dis-fucking-functional."

Reporters were unsure as to why Barkley brought this up (and why he referred to his penis as a snake), but he was not shy to talk about it.

"It first happened in 2004. I was on the road and I met some cheap ho in a club," Barkley said. "I told her I used to play basketball and she asked, 'your place or my place?' But she also said I needed to wear a rubber. I was like, 'what the fuck bitch?' I then tried to close the deal and strapped up, but I just couldn't get the blood flowin'."

Asked if he was kidding, Barkley replied, "I'm not kidding."

This condition is not thought to be related to his gambling problem, but Barkley reassured the media saying, "My betting and my dick are two very, very separate entities."

In other news: Behind LeBron James' 45 points, Cleveland beat Washington 121-120 and Cleveland changed its name to the Kings.


twins15 said...

Sir Charles is my hero. "I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It" is pretty much the best book title ever.

Rafael Palmeiro said...

It's not funny to make fun of erectile dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love gambling online and I think that everyone should have the right to gamble from the comfort of their own homes as long as safeguards are in place to protect against underage and problem gambling.