Monday, May 29, 2006

Ricky to play football, seek out good pot cafés

Everybody's favorite running back slash weed smoker is back to the gridiron.

Football, as it's apparently called in Canada, is what Ricky Williams will be doing this upcoming season.

Williams didn't play much for the Miami Dolphins last year because he was discovering how much more fun it is to take hits from a bong than hits from a linebacker.

Ricky will suit up for the Toronto Argonauts and will be paid $240,000 -- making him the highest-paid running back in the CFL. With that kind of money, he can probably go buy some good Acapulco Gold. Though we're a bit surprised he's not playing for the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe.

We're unsure as to what an argonaut is, but it sounds neat. If you happen to know what an argonaut is or know the legality of marijuana in Canada, please tell.

In other news: Barry Bonds hit his 715th career homerun after being on the hot dog, beer and steroid diet.


benny said...

All I know is that BC bud from Canada is some of the strongest stuff. Read about it. Never dabbled.

Anonymous said...

yo cuz-
i was at that game.

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