Monday, May 22, 2006

Witness the same Eastern Conference Finals

That's that. The Cleveland LeBrons are no more. After failing to grab a rebound that would have given them a shot to win Game 6, Bron Bron showed up for the first half of Game 7, while the rest of the Cleveland team didn't show up at all.

Detroit won 79-61 after pulling away late — the game was closer than the score indicates. Though this probably isn't the way the Cleveland team wanted to go out. 61 points will win a lot of things: a baseball game, a football game, a hockey game, a badminton game, a tennis match, a volleyball game, a game of cricket, Scrabble, a counting contest and a homerun derby. But it will not win too many basketball games.

Cleveland's offense was like the scene before a concert: a bunch of people standing around waiting for something to happen. Nobody really moved and thus not many points were scored.

It would've been fun to see LeBron vs. Wade in the Eastern Conference Finals, but instead, we game the same shit as last year. Fun.

But with Bron Bron in place, the Cleveland team is still in good shape for the future.

Tomorrow we have two more Game 7's, with LAC/PHX and Dallas/San Antonio. As reader Mike points, out, "How do they push both Western games to Monday night?... Worthless!"

Sure is.

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