Wednesday, May 10, 2006

To read today

What to read while you question the existence of dinosaurs...

YAY Sports! NBA - This kid needs to shut the fuck up. And perhaps eat something.

The Sports Pulse - Heading to Vegas. John Daly and Charles Barkley would be proud.

Insomniac's Lounge - Pulling for the Miami Heat. Why? The hot cheerleaders, of course.

The Hater Nation - Phil Mickelson wearing sports bras. Now that takes guts (or giant man boobs).

Mr. Irrelevant - Take a look at the top TV moments in sports. The results will force you to take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Deadspin - Pedro Martinez is talking to plants. What's next? A midget?

The Mighty MJD - Someone couldn't protect Under Armour's house. No need to fret, the new slogan: "click-clack."

1 comment:

coach said...

are these reading materials for someone while waiting for his wife doing some shopping or for someone waiting for his turn at the electric chair ?