Saturday, February 11, 2006 gives out columns like Halloween Candy

Everyone's favorite Florida State fan, Jenn Sterger, has a new gig.

Aside from posing for upcoming spreads in Maxim and Playboy, the FSU "Cowgirl" now has a weekly column on (Okay, it's SI On Campus, but still...). Coincidentally, we used to do some work for the nice fellows over at SIOC.

For those of you not yet familiar with Jenn, she's just a regular college student at Florida State. Well, sort of. Since she was spotted on TV at the FSU vs. Miami game wearing a ripped up Seminoles T-shirt that made her look more like a stripper than a, you know, fan, she's taken her 15 minutes of fame to a new level. She's all over the college website The Facebook, has done interviews with other bloggers and now this thing.

Jenn claims to know lots about sports and is just like every college kid by wearing PJs to class and watching Sportscenter. Sure. Ok. We're with ya, Jenn.

The column, cleverly titled "Dear Cowgirl" will not only talk about herself, but will also take questions from readers about sports, relationships and life with fake tits. We haven't seen any of the questions yet, but the clever minds of The Big Picture can always speculate:

Dear Jenn,

So, um, go 'Noles. Hey love the column, but quick question: What exactly are your credentials?

-Wide Right
Jacksonville, Fla.

Dear Jenn,

Great to see ya writing. Love the funbags! So I was talking with my girlfriend who is upset after I told her that I think of you while we make love. Now she tells me that she too thinks of you while we make love. Do you make housecalls?

-Three's a party

Dear Jenn,

I've noticed that you are quite attractive, but do you know a fucking thing about sports?

Madison, Wisc.

Dear Jenn,

Great column. Really good writing. Nearly Pulitzer quality. I was wondering which nights you work at Deja Vu Centerfolds?

-Creepy older guy who still goes to strip clubs looking for companionship
Gainsville, Fla.

Dear Jenn,

This may be classless of me, but who exactly did you sleep with to get this column?

-Not your boss
New York

Rick Reilly, beware!

This post was brought to you by keeping college kids busy at work all day long.


Benny said...

Seriously if you put her brain into a 300 lb woman, no way the big woman gets a writing gig with SI.

Those two big things on her chest don't act as extra brains, SI.

NFL Adam said...

Great stuff. But is it me, or does she look a little manish? If she didn't have fake cans, she could have starred as Terry Griffith in a remake of "Just One of the Guys."

The Universal Cynic said...

Every man in my life that has seen this story described Jenn as a butterface -- I'm sure they're just placating my ego, but you gotta love the effort.

On a more serious note, I pegged off a woman in a similar position to land my current column with the newspaper I write for. Print is supposed to be an androgynous medium -- that's what I love about it the most. And when women enter print with a fluff format such as this, it makes it that much more difficult for the rest of us. It's hell trying to get men to take you seriously in this business. I don't necessarily have a problem with her attempting to cash in, but she's obviously suited to a more visual format (i.e. Jillan Barberie's weather report). It simply makes more sense. Pulchritude can participate, but not in my medium. And certainly not for a magazine that I'd kill to write for.