Monday, September 28, 2009

Excuse us while we go swallow a grenade

How's this for a fun sports weekend:
Wow, looks like we're going to take up knitting, cooking or anything else that doesn't involve a motherfucking ball.

Can't remember much worse of a sports weekend. It's times like these where there is nothing fun about sports; it serves only as a recreational activity to tear out your heart with an ice cream scoop.

So forgive us if we aren't all smiles this week. We'll probably lock ourselves in a closet and dedicate our life to perfecting the French Knot.


Bokolis said...

Washington was to be expected.

I hear the Giants are looking to trade for Luis Castillo to add power to the lineup. As you despair over their fate, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Figure better things to come.

They showed the end of Niners-Vikings in the East. Have yet to see an angle that shows the Vikings receiver got the first foot down in bounds. I say this because we were treated to about 17 angles of Favre celebrating, but no back-of-the-endzone-from-the-right shot, which quite possibly would have shown the heel coming down on the end line.

GMoney said...

I'm a Redskins fan. Eat shit.

JMC said...

if you can't convert a single third down you probably don't deserve to win anyway. Still, that was brutal