Monday, September 21, 2009

Jumping on the U-Dub bandwagon isn't that easy

For how great the Huskies' win was Saturday -- and don't get me wrong, it was fucking great --there was a part of me that was hesitant to be fully excited and jump on the Huskies-to-the-Rose-Bowl bandwagon.

I have a few theories why I pulled back from fully embracing a huge upset, a huge win, and didn't celebrate by eating a bottle of tequila.

1. I wasn't there.

Haven't lived in Seattle for over a year, have been out of school for over three and wasn't in the raucous Husky Stadium to feel the excitement.

When you watch a game on TV it takes something away. You're not invested the same way you are when you spend time amongst the fans and scenery of an actual ballgame.

So watching, nearly 1,000 miles away, I couldn't hop on board as easily as I would've liked.

2. USC wasn't at it's fullest.

The Trojans were missing their starting QB, their likely overall best player in safety Taylor Mays and Pete Carroll may or may not have actually been there. LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke had some choice words.

3. I'm scared to jump on board.

Call me a bad fan, but I think that by getting sucked in to another on-the-fence-good team (read: 2009 San Francisco Giants) I'm setting myself up for the fall.

With losing comes apathy. Of course with winning comes elation, but unless we're in Florida or Pennsylvania, no one's doing much winning.

When you've lost 15 in a row, No. 16 doesn't sting. But when you win five in a row, are on the cusp of a good bowl game, that first loss after the wins feels like salt in every fucking wound.

When the Giants lose 100 games, I'm checked out by No. 85. Fairweather? Perhaps. But, ask any woman in my life, I'm far easier to deal with when they lose on a daily basis opposed to when they rip out my fucking heart.

I'm excited about these Huskies. Hell, I went to school there for that football program. But I'm not ready to "give up sports for good this time," after a gut-wrencher to Stanford.

The Dawgs get to 9-1? Let's talk.


rstiles said...

Hey, enjoy the big guys have been down for a while, so when you got something to celebrate - do it!!!

CT_Buckeye said...

Congratulations to the Huskies on the big win!! As a Buckeye fan, though, I'm even more p*ssed that OSU lost to USC.

GMoney said...

You should be hesitant because:

They lost to Washington State less than a year ago.

Mr. Ace said...

You are fucking delusional if you are even thinking about the Rose Bowl. Hell, I'm a Michigan fan and I'm just praying for a New Years day game.

Easy with those expectations.

JMC said...

zach I'm looking at it this way - it was a great win, and now it doesn't matter what else happens - last year we were 0-12 so winning 2 games is plenty. This just shows that we are going to at least be competitive. And that's really all we can ask for.

Bokolis said...

You forgot the most important reason: Unless you live in the area, by 5 years out of school, you should just about have stopped giving a fuck.

Actually, I saw most of the game against LSU and UW looked pretty good. So, you may have caught a soft USC, but you also may consider yourself entitled to a few scalps. Let's see how they play on the road.