Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holding the ball ransom for...1 MILLION dollars

Some of the best fans we know are A's fans. They're knowledgeable, educated and root for the team the right way.

The rest of the Oakland fanbase? Not so bright. Generalization? Absolutely. But our experience with them hasn't been great.

This one fan certainly isn't giving the A's fanbase a good name.
Outfielder Matt Carson does not have the ball from his first big-league home run - the fan who caught it Monday refused to give it up unless he was paid for it.

The A's usually trade a signed bat for a milestone baseball, sometimes throwing in a few hats or a shirt, but they will not pay for returned balls.

"I only want money," the fan told clubhouse personnel before leaving.

"He wanted a lot, too," said Carson, who like others heard that the demand was $10,000, although that could not be confirmed.
Hey, tough economy. Anything to get a buck. A Matt Carson-signed bat would've been fucking sweet, though.

[San Francisco Chronicle via Ben Maller]

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