Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some one drew a dick on Leodic McKelvin's lawn

Scary when professional athletes' homes are the subject of vandalism and draws into question privacy issues as well as the line between a fan and a fucking idiot.

After Buffalo's fucking terrible loss Monday to those assholes from Boston, in which McKelvin couldn't hold onto the football, some one thought he should be reminded of it by defacing his lawn.

An artist's rendering is below:

Instead the vandal drew a penis and not a spaceship.

In South America you get killed for something like this. So some graffiti ain't exactly life-threatening, but it does draw into question the privacy of the players and all that bullshit that you can read on a website that is more politically correct.

Drawing penises is funny, as evident in Superbad, so maybe the vandal was Jonah Hill or some one else fascinated with drawing dicks. Regardless, McKelvin's privacy was violated, he needs to protect his family and he needs to learn how to fucking accept a touchback.


Anonymous said...

I think that dick is missing a ball. You trying to say something about McKelvin?

Cecilio's Scribe said...

nah, it's a single thruster rocket ship.