Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The changing landscape of fantasy football

It was the late 90s (early 200s?) where the first round of most fantasy football drafts saw quarterback after quarterback go.

Then things switched the last few years, with the emphasis on running backs. Popular draft strategies in our leagues the last few years would take running backs with your top three picks.

Now things have changed again because NFL coaches want to do everything possible to fuck you in a fantasy league. Oh, you're going to get Donald Brown involved? Fantastic. Fuck you with a lead a pipe.

And, maybe it's just us, but there aren't as many really good players as there used to be. Marshall Faulk, Priest Holmes, Daunte Culpepper...these guys were STUDS! Now we have decent NFL players elevated to elite fantasy status because they're in the right system. Matt Forte is not that good of a player. Neither is Chris Johnson.

Now, because of the shared backfields and lack of great talent, you have the top receivers going in the first round of some drafts. Seems weird drafting a guy who theoretically could go a full game without touching the ball. And everyone says to avoid QBs in the early rounds, maybe because there is such depth. But Matt Schaub is not going to win you much of anything.

Fuck all of this. WE HATE OUR TEAM. IT IS FUCKING TERRIBLE. (We'd masturbate to our bench, though! Beanie Wells, Michael Jenkins, Matt Schaub, Donald Brown, Steve Smith NYG and Glen Coffee). We should've drafted a kicker, defense and tight end with our first three picks. Instead you can figure out what we did by looking at the above graphic.

How'd we do? Marshall Faulk wasn't eligible to pick. Bummer.


rstiles said...

Your team sucks...

GMoney said...

It is terrible.

I would rather grab Brees or Brady early than pray that Schaub stays healthy.

Bokolis said...

Do you West coasters use the NFL as an excuse to start drinking at 9 or 10 AM?

Do y'all put the morning wood to use by moving up the Sunday morning anal session with the old lady?

More likely, all of y'all're sitting on the crapper with your laptops, setting your rosters. Fucking hell! What a way to spend a Sunday!

Oh, your team? I see that the Giants are the 4 o'clock game. Thanks!

Mr. Ace said...

If you would have drafted Rae Carruth he would be your best WR.

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