Thursday, September 24, 2009

When you break it down, you want to hurt Brian Sabean that much more

Two "big" mid-season trades for the Giants: Ryan Garko for pitcher Scott Barnes and Freddy Sanchez for pitcher Tim Alderson.

At the time of the trades the Giants were eight over .500. Entering Wednesday, they were 11 over. That has nothing to do with either of these acquisitions.

Garko: Hitting .233 with 2 HRs and 12 RBI as a Giant. Barnes hasn't made it to the Bigs, but is still responsible, somehow, for three Indian wins.

Sanchez: Since joining the Giants is hitting .283 with 1 HR, 1 double, 2 walks and 7 RBI. He's played in 25 of 52 games and will require offseason surgery. Alderson, one of the Giants' top prospects and a former first-round pick, hasn't made it up either, but will push Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter for the NL Cy Young Award this year.

Sanchez will likely be the Giants' starting second baseman in 2010, but will be coming off surgery. Garko might be selling used cars.

Hated the trades at the time. Still hate them. Singles hitters who can't take a walk are characteristics of everyone else in the FUCKING LINEUP! Go get a fucking power hitter or hoard your pitchers and you'll have the best rotation in baseball!

We'll talk when the Giants go get Matt Holliday and Adrian Gonzalez. And Albert Pujols, Hanley Ramirez, David Wright and anybody else capable of hitting a home run or moving a runner over with less than two outs.


JMC said...

half the blame here goes to Bochy who has somehow continued to allow Renteria to start, sometimes so that Uribe can play third and Sandoval can play first. If he actually looked at, you know, statistics, he might have figured out that Garko is a FAR better player than Renteria. The best thing to do would be play Garko against EVERY left handed pitcher the Giants face - his career has been made on mashing left handers. But Bochy never played him enough to let him get comfortable and into a groove, so he's become a fixture on the bench.

Bochy also keeps putting Winn in the 3-hole, even though he's one of the worst hitters on the team. He shouldn't even be in the lineup considering we have Shierholtz and Bowker on the bench.

And yeah, Sanchez - terrible trade. There's no way we pick up that $8 MM option - so we'd better give him a 2 year 10 million dollar contract I guess. Shit.

GMoney said...

I blame Juan Uribe. There is no good reason why that guy should be seeing the field ever.

49er16 said...

@GMoney, Uribe has been one of the Giants hitters this year. He should be starting every game over Renteria.

The Big Picture said...
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JMC said...

exactly, renteria's OPSing .635, while Uribe is at .832. Yet somehow Uribe has 100 fewer ABs than Renteria

D.O. said...

also, uribe shoots people (allegedly)

Bokolis said...

I like to say that, in baseball, all your problems manifest themselves when you don't hit. Given that you think your team can't hit worth shit, they're probably lucky to be where they are.

But, the hitting woes were expected. If you want to piss about something, look at the downside surprises. Cain has 4 wins in 13 starts vs the NL West and Zito's 0-4 in 5 starts vs the Padres...that's a muthafuckin problem.

JMC said...

But you can't blame the pitching - even if you cherry pick stats (especially W/L stats). The pitching is going to have their bad days, but by and large they have been VERY good, and the only reason we are over .500.

we knew the offense would be bad - the real problem is that the GM and the manager have done nothing to make it better - when they could have. Especially the manager. If he was playing the best hitters and not putting the worst hitters in the most important spots in the lineup, they probably would have scored a bunch more runs.