Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Twittering during NFL games may be logistically challenging

Pumped Chad Ochocinco plans to Twitter during games this upcoming season. That's sweeeeeeet! Stupid name, Chad 85, but cool you want to Tweet. You can tell us how you just got bumped off a slant route by Samari Rolle and continue to be a disappointing player in fantasy leagues despite being a top-ten receiver selected.

But how, exactly, does Johnson (we're calling him Chad JOHNSON, dammit) plan to use a Twitter-accessible mobile device while on the field? If you recall, Joe OchoSiete Horn got busted when he had one hidden in the goalpost in 2003. He may be able to keep it on the bench, but getting that past the coaching staff and the league won't be easy.

Expect an official ruling on this soon. But if he's able to pull it off, get ready for the fun:

"Just catched bad pass from Carson The Fucker last drive. 8 yards. FIRST DOWN!!!! 3 catches 28 yards. 3rd quarter. 24-6 Baltimore but I KILLIN' TODAY!!!!"

Feel free to fuck around with potential Chad 85 Tweets, kiddos.


rstiles said...

Then Chad Johnson wants to know why people think he is a douche bag!!!...

He is such a fucking waste!!!

GMoney said...

I would rather have Robert Guillaume playing Benson than Cedric Benson.

Bokolis said...

Who guardin me? He gotta fine ass. Ima wax dat ass on dis play right here and smack dat ass on da way back to da huddle

Anonymous said...