Friday, July 10, 2009

More evidence that the general public has no clue as to who should be an All-Star

Yep, those are the numbers of 2009 All-Star. Eye-popping stats. We're especially impressed with the 99.4% owned in ESPN Fantasy Leagues (not really). But the .375 OBP is solid (not really). The Flyin' Hawaiian became the 33 member of the NL All-Star team after winning the fan vote yesterday.

A quick comparison to the other candidates:

Pablo Sandoval, 3B, Giants - .329, 13 HR, 48 RBI, .381 OBP, .562 SLG
Matt Kemp, OF, Dodgers - .319, 10, 46, .386, .489
Mark Reynolds, 3B, Diamondbacks - .262, 24, 62, .348, .550
Christian Guzman, SS, Nationals - .307, 3, 21, .321, .413

A pretty compelling argument could be made saying Victorino is the least deserving among the vote-in candidates. But he's popular. And the popular kid is an All-Star and gets the girl (and the clap, but that's neither here nor there.). Philly's strong attendance numbers likely helped too. And people hate the NL West. And the Nationals. No one likes the Nationals. And people like Hawaiians. They're totally foreign but they're not. Neat.

So, uggh, yeah, Shane Victorino: All-Star. Can't wait for his 0-1 with a walk.


rstiles said...

My vote went for Pablo!!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Inge and VIctorino becuase you west coast ass clowns tried to team up and vote the Rangers and Giants player in on a team effort so fuck all of you...WE WON and got our two guys in.

GMoney said...

Anon, way to take pride in something meaningless, you fag. Your death at the hands of Kung Fu Panda Sandoval will not be quick and painless.

Bokolis said...

We can't even elect Presidents; you want a proper All-Star vote? Isn't 90% of the vote comprised of 6 geeks voting a zillion times or some shit?

The Phillies are the holders, so they can have their 5th best position player slide by. To the victors go the spoils.

I would've picked Kemp, but can't agrue against Sandoval.

Anonymous said...


Fact check-

Phillies and Detroit had the same deal and guess what- both vic and inge got in..

Foolish brotherly love

Dinur said...

I'd be more upset, but it's the all-star game.

Anonymous said...

Victorino is a winner. Pablo much like the Giants have done NOTHING. Make the playoffs first and we will talk.

Not to mention East Coast baseball is much more intense and important than any of those left coast teams and their fair weather fans.

Nuff said!

Dinur said...

Anon is right. After all, how can the West compete when the East has the Nationals, the Marlins (whom the Giants just beat twice), and the Mets? Clearly the East is great (makes jack off motion)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just like Brock are a couple of middle fingers for all of you!!! I'm going to celebrate with some hard liquor and I'm going to gohome and climb on top of Dana Jacobson. To the victors go the spoils

Anonymous said...

Way to leave out the 63 runs scored by Victorino, which is fifth in all of MLB, and 15 stolen bases, good for tenth in the NL. Not to mention his defensive ability.