Friday, July 03, 2009

An interview with Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio, recently drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves, will reportedly remain in Spain to play for his DKV Joventut basketball team for the remaining two years of his contract rather than try to move to the NBA this season. It has nothing to do with Minnesota being cold and the T-Wolves drafting 18 point guards.

The Big Picture: Thanks for joining us, Ricky.
Rubio: You are welcome.

TBP: Ricky's not your real name, right? That's like your "American" name. Kinda how the waiter at my Chinese restaurant is named John.
Rubio: No, my name is Ricky.

TBP: What's up with tapas? Those fucking suck. Why would I have a small plate when I could have a big one?
Rubio: I don't know.

TBP: Why do you think (T-Wolves GM) David Kahn picked so many guards. That's like really fucking stupid right? He realizes that this isn't fantasy basketball. You can't play 3 PG, 2 SG, 2 C, 1 SF, 1 PF and 1 F/G on an NBA team. I mean, that's even a big fantasy team. But you can't play 10 players at once. That's just against the rules.
Rubio: I'm not sure.

TBP: Do you openly hate Jonny Flynn?
Rubio: No.
TBP: Is it because he's black?
Rubio: No.

TBP: What's your beef with Minnesota? Didn't you see Fargo? That movie was cool and brought out Minnesota in a positive light.
Rubio: I don't think Fargo is in Minnesota.
TBP: No, it is. You're from Spain. You wouldn't know these things.
Rubio: OK.
TBP: That part where they put the body in the wood chipper...JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU'VE SEEN EVERYTHING!
Rubio: OK.

TBP: Oh, dontcha know.
Rubio: What?
TBP: I was doing my Minnesota accent.

TBP: Have you been to that mall? That place is apparently amazing. Like you could probably lead a full, meaningful life if you lived in that place.
Rubio: I haven't seen it.

TBP: Don't you think going back to Spain is a bad financial decision? That just seems irresponsible. What if you tear up your knee? What if Jonny Flynn tries to kick your ass?
Rubio: I want to be close to home.

TBP: Why'd you call Kevin Love gay?
Rubio: I never did that.

TBP: You look pretty feminine. Did you ever dress up as a girl when you were a kid?
Rubio: No.

TBP: Pau Gasol is also a Spanish basketball player. Have you seen that guy?! Whoa! Do you think he reflects poorly on the country?
Rubio: No.

TBP: For real, what's your name?
Rubio: Ricky.

TBP: Hey, thanks for joining us.
Rubio: Alright.


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