Thursday, July 02, 2009

And this is why we really hate the Red Sox

We showed you what happened to Boston on Tuesday. That never happens to Boston. Boston does that to other teams.

That was the type of loss that derails a series, a week, maybe even a season. That's brutal. Just brutal.

So yesterday's 5-1 ninth-inning deficit could hardly have come as a surprise. Boston had come out flat and tossed out a dud of a game in the wake of Tuesday's meltdown.

But these are the Red Sox, and they don't fold. They score four runs in the ninth to push the game into extra innings and then win in the 11th.

AGGGHHHH!!!! Fucking Boston! We hate Boston! Fuck.

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Red Sox Sonoma said...

The O's should have won that game the same way the Sox should have won the night before. One good implosion deserves another.

We don't hate the O's. Really. We'll root for them any time they're playing the Yankees, Jays, or Rays.