Thursday, July 30, 2009

What may be Brian Sabean's 2009 version of Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan and Boof Bonser for A.J. Pierzynski...

...Tim Alderson for Freddy Sanchez.

"Oh...fuck," is pretty much the reaction coming from Giants fans. McCovey Chronicles says the Giants overpaid; The San Francisco Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins says it doesn't feel quite right;'s Cliff Corcoran doesn't like this coming after Monday's Garko trade.


Freddy Sanchez is a good hitter. He'll improve production from the two-hole. He'll probably get a few base hits, maybe even sometimes more than one in a game. But he'll get singles and doubles and singles and then, two batters later, Benjie Molina will come up and still hit into a double play.

For Tim Alderson, one of the Giants' -- and baseball's -- better pitching prospects, the Giants land a guy we confuse with Felipe Lopez. (We're not really sure why).

Alderson for Victor Martinez? Maybe. Alderson for Cliff Lee? Yeah. Alderson for Albert Pujols, Matt Holiday and Chris Carpenter? If they threw cash the Giants' way, yes.

Alderson for a .300, 10-homer guy? We'll be holding our breath. Brian Sabean should be holding his, too.


D.O. said...

I'll give you something that will improve production from the two-hole.

But seriously folks, speaking of Felipe Lopez, you probably should have just traded for him. He's a remarkably similar player and didn't cost the Brewers nearly as much.

Bokolis said...

With Bumgarner in the hopper, I guess Sabean thought he had an extra chip. But, ummm, yeah, this has the air of Doyle Alexander-for-John Smoltz to it.

GMoney said...

You know what you are getting with Freddy and he is better than the shit that you have there now. Fuck can probably get him back from the Pirates in two years anyway.

John said...

^yes, you get a second baseman with a career OPS+ of 98. the pirates must be elated. on paper alderson looks just as good as any of the guys the indians got for cliff lee (carrasco is higher on baseball america's preseason top 100, but has taken a big step back this year in AAA).