Monday, July 20, 2009

Your requisite "Ichiro is hitting .350+" post

Ichiro is unfuckingbelievable. Like really. Just when you feel like you haven't heard his name for like two months, you decide to check the leaderboards and discover he's hitting .359 (entering Sunday) with six homers and 19 stolen bases. He's hitting .359 and you're like, "Oh, he's hitting .359. So what?"

Apathy because the guy can just hit. Sometimes it seems he doesn't get all the credit because he's trapped in Seattle and isn't a huge U.S. media darling because he's not from the U.S. and doesn't really speak English.

In 8+ seasons in the bigs, he's never hit below .300, with his "worst" year being a measly .303 in 2005. (Ironically, that was his biggest HR year, totalling 15).

Time to start comparing him to the best pure hitters ever? Ted Williams? Tony Gwynn? Where does this guy stand in terms of all-time hitters?

If he had a high, squeaky voice à la Tony Gwynn, we think things would just be better for everyone really.


HM said...

Mauer 1 for his last 22. Ichiro now leads the batting race.

Alex said...

Big deal!!! Another singles-hitter--like Boggs--and not NEARLY as good a hitter!