Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something about the reaction to the Erin Andrews mess just seems wrong

We were among the first to give Erin Andrews attention in an objectifying way on a blog. We kept doing it because it's fun to have pictures of a hot chick while simultaneously making penis jokes.

Now that this video has surfaced, many blogs and media outlets are coming out in defense of EA about how wrong and horrible the making of this video was. And it is wrong and awful and sorta hot and vile and wretched. But so is all of the attention we're bringing it.

With the plethora of blog posts now dedicated to this incident, we're bringing more attention to this mess than it deserves. If this happened to Shelley Smith we don't think anybody would really care. Had this story not been reported ad nauseam by blogs and now mainstream media, we (and likely many others) would have never even known about this.

And, naturally, with every post saying how wrong this is, there's a nice picture of EA to remind you that she's cute and innocent and pretty attractive, all at the same time. (That's why we chose a photo of Inés Sainz, instead. She's totally hotter anyway).

At the same time, while all the blogs are citing this an act of the devil, anyone who's ever written about EA has had their traffic increase significantly the last few days. She's currently holding the No. 4 and 5 spots on Google Trends because people are trying to go masturbate to this video. So while this is an awful, tragic, horrible, disgusting, blah, blah, blah event, our traffic has increased about 100% since Saturday.

Should we feel guilty? No. Sometimes we feel guilty that we mix milk and meat and that we used to listen to 311. But to have written about her a while back in a tongue-in-cheek way is fair game.

Taking illegal videos of her is not. Nor, should it be, bringing a ridiculous amount of attention to something that has nothing to do with any of us. This is something for lawyers and courts. Let's stick to what we know best: sports and dick jokes.


rstiles said...

That photo of Ines is fucking incredible...look at that mid-section on her....FUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

that bitch is way hotter than taht andrews bitch. and her tits aint all that. that bitch nicole manske from espn is better than andrews

GMoney said...

Tell me more about this Shelley Smith sex tape that you speak of...

311 is fucking awful.

Bokolis said...

Bloggers acting all indignant about this video is the same high-brow bullshit that the traditional media have been pulling for ages. So true, what they say about turning into your parents.

Of course, these days, the media condemns the act while showing you blurred-out footage right on the tayvee.

Can a muthafucka say disin...disingenu...dis...two-faced cunts?

Can someone tell it like it is? We are a star-obsessed society of rubbernecks. As such, when EA made the decision to become a public figure, she signed her ass over to the laity.

IF this wasn't a PR stunt- and that's a big IF, as it remains to be seen- she had to know that some shit like this was an eventuality.

It doesn't make it right, but what it is is what it is.
Seriously, dude, 311? 311 is the number we call 'round here when we want to bitch at the mayor.

Keep the dick jokes coming...much obliged.

Alex said...

Great pic! Ines IS WAY HOTTER!

And she was ROBBED in the "Would you do" contest! We want a recount!

How about a VIDEO contest? Get searchin' !!!

Anonymous said...