Monday, July 06, 2009

A .240 average, 6 home runs, a stint on the DL and a kicked coke probem will make you an All-Star starter

Josh Hamilton, folks. You're an overwhelming talent, get caught up in a world of addiction, kick the habit and have a strong season in your new home: now a perennial All-Star.

Not that there's anything wrong with a good comeback. Everyone likes a heart-warming, feel-good story; Kevin Costner has made a career exploiting that fact.

The All-Star game, meanwhile, isn't important; it's more about who actually makes the team rather than the game itself.

Nonetheless, Josh Hamilton hasn't played in over a month, has terrible numbers and stole a roster spot from teammate Nelson Cruz who has 20 homers. Love the fan voting. They nail it every time.

Hey, Tara Reid has a drug problem, too. Let's just hand her a fucking Oscar.


GMoney said...

Sports fans are the second dumbest people in the world...right behind Michael Jackson fans.

Jason said...


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Anonymous said...

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