Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No, no, no, yes, no, maybe two Long Islands, no, no, yes, three LIs, maybe but probably not

That's your National Champion Washington Huskies softball team on a beach surrounded by palm trees; so either they aren't in Seattle or they are in front of a green screen. Probably not in Seattle.

Uncoached dug up some pictures of your National Champion Washington Huskies and showed them in and out of their softball uniforms.

I used to have some classes with some of the softball players and they were pretty cute. They also needed assistance in Geology 100 and, boy, was I happy to help.

Her: What is this we're looking at?
Me: A rock.
Her: Is that why they call this Rocks for Jocks?
Me: That may be part of the reason, yeah.

I don't have much else to write. Here's another picture.

Your National Champion Washington Huskies softball team looks better in this picture. One girl is like totally licking that other girl's ear. And the one in the back right wants to do me. I think I know that guy. He was probably a Pike. If you flip your fucking bill up you were probably a Pike. The girl in the back left is saving herself for marriage but boy are guys going to test that.

Here's another picture.

Here is your National Champion Washington Huskies wearing party clothes. That's a nice apartment. Well furnished. Clean carpet. Good light. That poster is a cliché at this point but it doesn't erase the fact that this is a nice place to live.

The Washington Huskies won the National Championship in softball. I went to Washington.

(There are more pictures here. Hot Clicks was the only reason I knew about this post).


rstiles said...

I'd fuck everyone one of these bitches...

Anonymous said...

i agree with rstiles. i have enough nut for all of them.

Bokolis said...

That headline shows you have your finger on the pulse of what really matters. Love your work!

I wouldn't pass up that ass on the right. Otherwise, no disagreements.

Given the body on her, dimming the lights for the three LIs girl will go a long way.

As for the no's, to show just how charitable I am, if they were willing to take A2OM, I'd be willing to let them have a taste.

GMoney said...

All of these girls have swallowed the load of Tyrone Willingham. Just like Zach.

HM said...

They look better when next to one another. Put them next to a girl 5'5" and 110 pounds and they will look ENORMOUS.

Alex said...

hey, look at it this way--they like to play with balls! I'd do them all at once!

Anonymous said...

finally, some BABES! MORE, please!