Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well if those aren't two misleading stories

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The top headline says, "Buehrle sets record, retires 45 straight." This is true in that after throwing a perfect game, he followed it up with 5.2 innings of perfect baseball. THEN HE GOT FUCKING ROCKED!!! He finished with 6.1 IP and 5 ER. He got the loss. Go fuck yourself, Mark Buehrle. (Not actually. He's OK). What's annoying is the linked story mentions how great he is and the writer practically felates him with his words, failing to mention that HE GAVE UP FIVE FUCKING EARNED!

Next headline down says, "Giants LHP Johnson out at least 3 weeks." That would be fantastic. Oh, but actually read the story and you get this instead:
The 303-game winner, who was transferred to the 60-day disabled list, won’t pitch again in a game until early September, if at all.
Goodie. We went from three weeks to MIGHT NOT FUCKING PITCH AGAIN!!! Big difference. Meanwhile, three weeks is 21 days. There is no 21-day disabled list especially when YOU'RE ALREADY ON THE MOTHERFUCKING 60-DAY DL!

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GMoney said...

Who cares, Randy Johnson sucks anyway.