Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers 2

Quick question: If Megan Fox wasn't in Transformers 2, would you see it?

Easy answer for us.


GMoney said...

I've heard that it's terrible which I already knew when it was announced that Michael Bay was the director.

Anonymous said...

It depends who plays the hot chick instead of Megan it Erin Andrews? Than I would see it...if it some same mediocre chick than...I'd probably still see it because I still play with my transformers toys from my childhood.

HM said...

Saw the picture, forgot the question.

There is a billboard up by my office that features a Mexican woman with a large chest. I have seen the billboard 100 times; I have never read what product she claims to be endorsing.

ClassicUniversity said...

Ok, I have been holding this in, because as a huge Transformer fan I really hate to say this….but the movie had waaaaaay too much cursing, (glad I didn’t take my 3 year old) too much robot humping, too many big fake red funny looking lips, and it was just plain not good!

Wait a minute, let me explain, lets start with the foundation, the story, it was all over the place, very inconsistent, and frankly down right brainless. I don’t know about you but frankly I DON’T NOT CARE WHAT SAM WITWICKY’S MOTHER HAS TO SAY OR DO!!!!

I want to see Optimus Prime and Megatron getting it in!

I am very upset at how they punked Megatron, they made him this awesome hardcore beast in the first one and now he is transforming a running from tanks and guns and cant even catch some dumb little boy who is RUNNING on foot?!?!?! Are you serious? No really...are you really serious?

Not to mention they made him bow down to some other stupid robot the NO TRANSFORMER FAN HAS EVER HEARD OF CALLED “THE FALLEN”. What kind of name is that? IT IS AN ADVANCED ALIEN ROBOT FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!!!

Speaking of robots, they made all the robots look totally unintelligent. After 2 years are we supposed to believe they have not fixed Bumblebee’s voice? Are we to believe they do nothing but transform and sit in a garage and wait for humans to say lets go? Transformers are supposed to be an advanced alien race and all they did was shoot at stuff and drive those babbling, idiotic characters around all day, with no input besides an occasional vulgar curse word. Not to mention, the way they did those ugly potty mouth twin robots was down right racist to be real honest.

I am highly disappointed; I cannot believe Spielberg let Mike Bay destroy a perfectly good franchise. This director is all about big sets and explosions, when the average fan is about substance and quality and this movie had none of that. If I see Michael Bay in the Mall, he better run.

I apologize to anyone who enjoyed the movie but please know that I LOVE the Transformers and I have some of the FIRST series of toys, none of this new fangled junk. I have been a huge fan since Megatron was a GUN and Soundwave was a tape recorder…YES I SAID TAPE!!! Not CD or IPod…TAPE!!!!!!

So PLEASE believe me when I tell you, I did not want to have to say all of this, I am very hurt right now. This is the same feeling I get when have to spank my child, by saying all this bad stuff about something I hold so dear!

mmmm beefy said...


of course I am not going to see it with her. if she gets naked I might think about it but I will probably just see the screen caps online.

Oh and fuck Michael Bay for ruining my childhood. Transformers used to be cool

Anonymous said...

Nice airbags! Thanks for getting babes in at least somewhere!

Anonymous said...

classic, glad you brought up those points. The decepticons absolutly sucked in the movie. They barely ever transform and they took megatron from badass to dumbass. Why can't they at least stay somewhat close to the original. Megatron is and always will be a GUN, not a motorcycle or ship or whatever they come up with. Soundwave is a boombox. Make him a Cd boombox that dumps out smaller transforming CD's, bumblebee was worthless in the cartoons, now he is a badass fighter and focal point. I HATE Bumblebee. And they made the constructicons turn into a shitty big robot devestator instead of a cool one like the cartoons. And outside of optimus prime...all of the robot forms...both sides...look like Shit.

Alex Jonson said...
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