Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dennis Rodman is going to televised rehab, so basically he's just on TV

Dennis Rodman in rehab is about as much fun as virgin margaritas, but VH1 seems to think the former NBA star -- and current reality television star (star?) -- makes for good TV. The Worm will be on the Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab on VH1.
Dennis Rodman will be on the third season of Celebrity Rehab.
See? Blockquote. That means it's real.

Rodman has also been on reality shows like The Celebrity Mole, U.K. Celebrity Big Brother, and Celebrity Apprentice. All of those shows have clever titles.

Clearly being a retired NBA player with an alcohol problem is tough work. Not easy to rebound (pun!)...that's why celebrities and reality television make such a depressing pair.

In non-depressing news, Rodman was briefly married to Carmen Electra. They probably had sex. A lot. There is nothing remotely unfortunate about that.

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GMoney said...

Celebrity Rehab is surprisingly awesome as long as they have a few wacky guests. I've heard that Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss are on with the Worm this year.

Nothing will beat Gary Busey showing up with a suitcase filled with nothing but hi-liters and spare change.