Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Movie Talk: Best movies you've seen lately

This might become a regular summer post: movie talk.

Like seriously, there is nothing going on that's related to sports and involves either humor or boobs. Check around the Web a little bit. The most interesting thing I read today involved a way to get porn passwords from a bot or something like that. I tried for 30 seconds before stopping in fear of my computer exploding. (If you have any porn passwords -- Brazzers, Naughty American, RealityKings -- we'll trade you a shoutout for endless jerk material. Send your passwords here. You'll be heavily thanked).

So let's talk about movies. Today's question: Name the best movie(s) you've seen in the last few months. Can either be on video or in the theater.

Feel like we haven't seen a very good movie in a while. We have high standards, yes, but it's been a while since like seeing a GREAT movie. Here's what we've seen/re-seen lately that does stand out:

-I Love You, Man
-Role Models
-Big Fish -- I fucking love this movie. I have no idea why. I don't usually like those fable-like movies and Tim Burton is fucking weirdo who probably killed insects as a child. But this movie gets me every time. If you're in the mood for a good cry, check it out.

Give us some Netflix material in the comments, please. PLEASE!


george1964 said...

My last two movies in the theatre were "Star Trek" and "Up", both of them excellent. For anyone turned off by 3D in the past, the technology has made a giant leap in just the last year or two. On video, "3:10 to Yuma" was beyond amazing. I've been raving about this to everyone since I saw it about two months ago. Crowe. Bale. Guns. What more could you ask for? If you're into documentaries, try to find "We Live in Public", though it might still just be playing at festivals. Great commentary on the blogging/Facebook age in which we live.

Anonymous said...

Zach: Check out surfthechannelx.com. You won't be disappointed.

rstiles said...

I watched Casino Royale on USA Network the other night...this was with the new Bond - Daniel Craig...

It was so-so, but I loved the ending when Bond shot that asshole in the knee...

Anonymous said...

Star Trek
and X-Men Wolverine are great.

The Hangover is a must see for everyone...if you like the humor in this blog...YOU MUST SEE THE HANGOVER

Anonymous said...

taken was good in theaters, but when i saw it on dvd, it lost some of its awesome-ness.

star trek and the new terminator were amazing.

i just finished a paper for my film class in which i had to write about any 3 movies, meaning i had to watch them repeatedly. i did memento (amazing) die hard 3 (a must see for people who enjoy ridiculous action) and both kill bills (great movies, to bad the guy that played bill just died)


Bokolis said...

Does Who's Nailin Paylin count?

I'm not home enough to rub one out, let alone watch a whole movie.

But, I'd heard the same thing about Taken on DVD.

Can't believe y'all muthafuckas are hoarding all the porn passwords.

HM said...

I hate Jim Carrey but I found "Yes Man" actually bearable.

I agree with the 3:10 to Yuma recommendation.

At the risk of being mocked -- I watched the first two episodes of "John Adams" from Netflix. I have to say, they are extremely well done.

And if you haven't seen the first Transformers, it is a 10 for guys.

Chris said...

Are you retarded?

Every movie/HBO bio series you just mentioned sucks.

Yes Man? Really? I'd rather rub one out while wearing one of the glass covered gloves from the movie Kickboxer than watch that piece of shit.

Anyway, I just rewatched The Wrestler, that is a pretty damn good flick.

The Big Picture said...

c'mon, let's not hate chris. everyone has their own taste.

meanwhile, megan fox gives a dude -- wait for it -- spontaneous CUMbustion during transformers. (i've been working on that all day!)

Bazooka Jones said...

I watched Big Fish not long ago and also was surprised at how much I loved it.

I've been using Netflix online a lot lately and some that I've "loved" in the past few weeks were:
-SLC Punk
-Traitor (Don Cheadle in another brilliant character performance)

Larry said...

Geat suggestion, Bokolis!

What ever happened to that web site?

Bokolis said...

Does Who's Nailin Paylin count?

Chris said...

There is no hate, this is an open forum, but HM could say he just banged my grandma and I would rather hear that than Yes Man is worth watching.

As for the new Transformers, I was given tickets for an early screening at the MPAA HQ here in DC and I chose watching the NBA/NHL finals over going to it. Just not a fan.

george1964 said...

I didn't mind "Yes Man", but Carrey has clearly passed his best before date. Time for another "Truman Show" reinvention.

And the John Adams miniseries is pretty damned good. A tad talky in the later bits, of course, but worth watching the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Movie discussions? Next thing you'll be wanting to have a touchey-feely book group! Where are the BABES?

Anonymous said...

How do you think credit crunch affected porn?

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