Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Americans care more about pets than people

Torture some dogs, go to jail for 19 months; hit and kill a person while driving drunk, spend 30 days in the clink and get probation.

Seems like the gap between Michael Vick's dog slaying sentence and that of Donte' Stallworth's DUI manslaughter is rather wide.

After all, they were just dogs he slaughtered (cue the torch-carrying mob) while an innocent 59-year-old man was hit by a drunk driver.

On the surface, it'd seem Stallworth's crime was far more severe, but the sentences would indicate otherwise. We think there are two key reasons for that:

1. Stallworth's was a horrible, unthinkable accident that we wouldn't wish on anyone (how the hell do you live with that?). But he took complete accountability for his mistake. He handled the situation in as responsible a way as he could -- he cooperated with the police, didn't flee the scene after the accident and apologized profusely. As awful as a tragedy as this is, there's sympathy for apology.

Vick tortured dogs. And didn't seem to think twice about it or feel any remorse for doing it. In many ways, it seemed he enjoyed it. And he certainly wasn't sorry about it.

2. Money. The family of the victim in the Stallworth case wanted their nightmare to end. A settlement helped do that. Vick wasn't afforded the same luxury; there's no number of doggy bones that could bring Buster back (bad joke. Sorry. But fuck you for not laughing. Jerk.).

Maybe we're completely wrong on this (tell us if we are), but this seems like a pretty concrete example of how people have the willingness to forgive if responsibility is taken (this is a good thing. Steroid users, do take note).

And that people fucking love animals. Kill animals and you're all sorts of screwed. Accidentally kill a pedestrian on the other hand while breaking the law...


rstiles said...

The victim's family soldout...this is fucking sick and disgusting...

What this just shows is that rich people could "BUY" their way out of a crime!!!!

Totally disgusting!!

mmmm beefy said...

also, stallworth was a one time incident. Vick rana ring that tortured and killed many dogs. If stallworth kills 4 or 5 people while drunk you can bet your ass his sentence would have been more severe.

Anonymous said...

yeah white americans. black people love animals but dont fuck them like some white people. white people treat their dogs better than their own kids.

GMoney said...

This just shows that the life of a Mexican construction worker is worth about a month of your time. Thanks, legal system! USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with esitles.

Kind of reminded me of that piece of garbage named Lenard little.

HM said...

Stallworth may serve as little as 24 days in jail.

He took "responsibility" over after his initial defense ("Hey, I flashed my lights and he didn't move") was rejected as, well, ridiculous.

Terrible, terrible result. He needed to spend at least a year in jail.

ClassicUniversity said...

yeah this is horrible!!! there is no way vick gets close to 2 years for a freakin animal and stallworth spends 30 days in jail for killing a MAN!!

Granted an old man but a man none the less!

Anonymous said...

No, Zach you have it pretty much right on.

People, don't forget that Vick was convicted of FEDERAL crimes. Much harsher sentencing in that case.

Agreed that DUI and killing a person is more egregious, but Zach is right about Stallworth's one-time misstep, and his actions ever since to own up to his mistake and make restitution.

Vick STILL hasn't expressed the remorse that Stallworth has.

The Big Picture said...

Solid points, folks. We don't think jail time is the right punishment for Stallworth -- we respect how he's handled such an awful situation -- but Vick getting such a severe punishment in comparison doesn't make too much sense.

Or maybe we just don't give a shit about pets. That's probably it.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to also remember that intent plays a big role in our legal system. While Stallworth certainly chose to drink and drive, he (from all accounts) did not intend to kill anyone. Vick's actions, on the other hand, were repeated, intentional acts.

Anonymous said...

Vick did the time for the cash that was exchanging hands, not killing some fucking dogs like white-bread america would like to think.

We are fucked up though, with those batshit-my-dog-part-of-the-family-insane people who wanted to lynch Vick for his crimes.

I think public outrage is sadly disproportional. Who cares if Stallworth is sorry - he KILLED someone, in a way that could have easily been avoided if he had a brain. Sad.

Anonymous said...

"White-bread America"?
Nice to see racism can run both ways.
And nice to see such an open and accepting attitude towards pets and animals.

Do you have the same warm thoughts about children too?

Like it or not, people in this country, of all races and backgrounds, get more upset over crimes committed against animals and children, because they cannot defend themselves.

Michael Vick didn't kill anyone, that's true. And while he wasn't punished for killing any dogs, it's clear he did so without any strain on his conscience.

I can say I've met and spoke to Michael several times and while I don't know him well, I do know his hometown and background.

Vick isn't the monster many people portray, but he is VERY guilty of not being smart enough to say "no" to those who did not have his best interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

BOTH should be in jail, more or less for ever!

Part of the point of the law is to DISCOURAGE criminal and depraved behavior from others--not just punish a malefactor.

WHO gives a shit how Stallworth "handled such an awful situation"! TELL THAT to his family or the family of the NEXT victim of some out of control "star," who figures "what's the worst that can happen?" It IS different in being a one-time mistake, but one with serious consequences.

And Vick is a sick, depraved piece of shit whose repeated actions indicate a person unfit to be in society.

Anonymous said...

Both of these cases were horriable. But to compare them is just PURE STUPIDITY!!!! They are two different crimes, punishable by different laws with different sentencing. Vick's crime was FEDERAL and Donte's was STATE!!!

Read your law books or at least get yourself better informed before making stupid comments.
Donte could have gotten even less time then he did according to the dui laws in florida. The judge could have not given him any jail time at all and made him pay a bigger fine. Yeah it may seem stupid or unfair BUT IT'S THE LAW!!!! Different states have different laws. Educate yourself before making unfounded comments.

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