Friday, June 05, 2009

A giant on the Giants now among giants

Lowercase "giants" are figurative, uppercase one is literal. Thanks for asking.

Congrats to Randy Johnson on win No. 300. That's one hell of an accomplishment.

It happened against the organization that drafted him, no less, in front of 16,787 fans on a rainy afternoon in Washington. Tip of the hat to the fans there for supporting Johnson and the Giants on this day. The Nats aren't going anywhere; this gave the fans something to cheer about and they seized the opportunity.

And to all those experts who suggest no one will never win 300 again: That's a fucking bogus statement. It probably won't happen to any pitcher pitching in the majors today, but it could -- should, even -- happen again. This era of low pitch and inning counts will likely change at some point with medical advancements and the such. So when pitchers are throwing every third or fourth day, there's no telling what will happen.

Nothing's impossible, that's all. And nicely done, you tall, tall man.


george1964 said...

Of course, there'll be more 300-game winners. After Early Wynn in 1963, no one won 300 until Gaylord Perry in '82, and then four others joined him over five seasons. Then, after Nolan Ryan in 1990, there was a break until Clemens in 2003. Gaps seem to be the nature of these things.

The next 300-game winner is some high school kid most people have never heard of. He'll make the Nationals as a 20-year-old in 2012, leave as a free agent in 2017, lead some other team (probably the Yankees, those bastards) to several world championships, and join the Giants as a grizzled overpaid oldster in time to win his 300th in 2032. Not unlike Johnson, actually.

GMoney said...

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