Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning Headlines: Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003

Most mornings, we'll lead off the day with some AM headlines -- but not your traditional ones. Rather we'll focus on one game or story and write headlines that are completely inconsequential and insignificant to the outcome of the game. We'll give a few examples and then you'll play in the comments. Best headline (read: the one that makes us laugh the hardest) will get a shoutout in this space the next day. We'll provide the box score for the game as that can lend itself to plenty of content. Let's have some fun. The more insignificant, the better!

[Sosa took 'roids].

-Baseball world stunned by Sosa's failed drug test

-Steroid accusations could cost Sosa first-ballot Hall of Fame honor

-Sosa: "But I was clean in '98"

Have at it, 'roiders.


GMoney said...

Sosa: "Steroids been berry, berry good to me"

HM said...

Great revelations of our time: Sosa on roids, Adam Lambert gay.

Report -- Sosa's Ass Took More Shots Per Night Than Kobe.

Bernie Brewer -- "I Knew No One Should Be Able to Hit One Off the Top of My Slide."

Sosa Replies -- "No Habla De Anglais"

Anonymous said...

McGwire wins '98 home run race fair and square