Thursday, June 04, 2009 redesigns, a nation rejoices, following ESPN's front-page overhaul from a while back, has decided it too should revamp the look, as evident in the nifty before-and-after shot above.

Looks fine, clean, simple. Necessary? Absolutely not. We feel that everybody hates change the way that a person hates black licorice. Sometimes the best move in response to the competitor is the move you don't make.

Your thoughts? Like it? Hate it? Didn't notice? More interested in removing that ingrown hair on your neck? Leave it all in the comments if you give two shits.


Meghan said...

I don't like it. Not for any reason other than I hate change - I liked it just fine before, I don't want to have to get used to a whole new site.

Although looking at it again I noticed it now only has Truth & Rumors displayed - it used to have that and 2 other topics, so that does give me a valid reason to not like it.

JMC said...

did I have a particularly bad ingrown hair when you saw me yesterday or something?

GMoney said...

Hate it. Although it is tougher to find Peter King's ugly mug now.

HM said...

When I next visit the site in 2017 I will let you know.

Al Czervik said... and are horribly designed sites and don't play well with Firefox under Linux to boot.

Anonymous said...

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